PUC Podcast – State of the Podcast

Talk about the future of PUC. New shows we would like to make and general vision on podcasting. Pull Up A Chair Website – http://pucpodcast.website ITunes – https://goo.gl/D48NwQ FaceBook – https://goo.gl/PcGfM7

Micro Mini Lighting Newscast – Mutant Newscast

Eric and Nick bring you stories about stories about the strangely mutant newstories out in this world. This week zombie plantes, ghost hunters, smart rats, and insects. This one is late because of audio problems, we apologize.

PUC Podcast – The Nuclear Bomb Hammerman

Hammerman, Frances Nuclear Test, Other Stuff Pull Up A Chair Website – http://pucpodcast.website Youtube – https://goo.gl/sCe3eP ITunes – https://goo.gl/D48NwQ FaceBook – https://goo.gl/PcGfM7 Intro/Outro: Waterflame – https://goo.gl/tUyw6o